Loden Associates, Inc.

19 Aviara Court • Napa, California • 94558

Diversity Consulting • KEYNOTE SPEAKING • Diversity Management coaching & TRAINING • Diversity Program assessment



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We continue to update our website and hope that you find the format and materials user-friendly.

You are welcomed to reprint articles and information from this site but we ask that you include a footnote citing Loden Associates, Inc. as the originator.

In the future, we will be conducting on-line surveys about diversity and inclusion and hope you will check back with us periodically and participate in those that may be of interest to you.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to using our extensive experience in  change management consulting, leadership development and diversity implementation to help our clients attract, develop, retain and reward a highly diverse workforce.

Our Approach

At Loden Associates, Inc., we strive for excellent results by:

  1. Applying proven change management principles to all of our work

  2. Designing comprehensive implementation plans for each client project to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability

  3. Increasing acceptance and decreasing resistance to change within client organizations

  4. Modeling a collaborative “Insider-Outsider Partnership” with every client implementation team

  5. Enhancing client competencies through the sharing of our proprietary tools and broad industry experience


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