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   Our updated dimensions of diversity model represents a global view of the primary and secondary dimensions that inform our social identities. 

    The inner circle now includes nine primary dimensions of diversity. The three additions to the original six are income, spiritual beliefs and class.  In our experience, these nine primary dimensions are particularly important in shaping an individual’s values, self image and identity, opportunities and perceptions of others.  We think of these primary dimensions as the core of an individual’s diverse identity.

    Secondary dimensions in the outer circle have been expanded to include political beliefs - a significant differentiator in many societies today - as well as cognitive style. While there are also other “differences that make a difference,” each of those depicted above represents an essential dimension of an individual’s social identity.  As such,  these primary and secondary dimensions are the differences more likely to lead to culture clash and conflict when they are ignored, devalued or misunderstood by others.