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book briefs

Marilyn Loden is the principal author of three significant diversity management books. Each of these is available for purchase at Amazon.com. To order, simply click on the book cover and you will be directed to the Amazon site.

Implementing Diversity is a practical guide to designing organizational changes that support and leverage employee diversity. The book applies many fundamental change management principles to the topic of workforce diversity implementation.  Among the critical “how to” topics covered are:
Building Broad, Deep Support for Change; Minimizing Backlash & Resistance; 
Identifying & Mobilizing Change Agents; Designing Training that Increases Cultural Competency; Defining Diversity for Maximum Inclusion; etc. 

How do diverse groups experience the world? What is it like to be different or exclu-
ded from the mainstream culture? What are the key dimensions of human diversity 
that can lead to conflict and culture clash when they go unrecognized or are mis-
understood? Workforce America! Managing Employee Diversity as a Vital 
Resource addresses each of these fundamental questions and provides insights
into what changes must take place in organizations so diversity will be seen as a
valued asset rather than as a problem or liability.

Do men and women prefer different styles to manage and lead? In this ground-breaking book, the author explores both anecdotal and statistical evidence suggesting that many women describe their “natural” style as one that emphasizes collaboration, intuition, relationship and participation. Why then, do we not see more of this style in use today? The author asserts that until institutions recognize and respect feminine leadership, the command-control, masculine model will continue to dominate. Published in German, Japanese, Norwegian, Portugese and English, Feminine Leadership or How to Succeed in Business Without Being One of the Boys was selected as one of the top 50 business books of the year by The Library Journal.